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1.5" to 3" 304 & 409 Stainless Steel Mandral J and U Bends

Tube Solutions

Established in 1997, Tube Solutions is a fabrication job shop.  We have the equipment and knowledge to perform a wide range of metal fabrication and welding jobs.  In addition we have CNC and NC mandrel bending equipment that allows us to do precision bending of tubular and solid metal parts. 

To date we have customers from a wide range of industries with the larger part coming from the automotive aftermarket.  The bulk of our fabrication jobs consist of various automotive parts, furniture, and exercise equipment.  Our specialty has been the manufacture of high performance automotive parts including sway bars, strut braces, intake tubes, trailer hitches, exhaust headers, and muffler systems for both street and racing vehicles.  We are certainly interested in branching off into new industries.

We have found that the demanding requirements of performance automotive components transfer well to other tube fabrication applications. This includes robust weld durability, stringent cosmetic standards, and highly responsive engineering and production capabilities.




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